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Who we are

Combining research expertise with real-world experience.

Dr. Luca Marelli

Professor, University of Milan 

Dr. Maximilian Kiener

Professor, Hamburg University of Technology

Pavlina Pavlova

Public Policy Advisor, Cyberpeace Institute 

Ann-Katrien Oimann

PhD Researcher, University of Leuven

Victor Schollaert

PhD Researcher, University of Antwerp

Maxime Van Haver

Engineer, Melexis Technologies

Dr. Hannes Cools

Researcher, University of Amsterdam 

Carolina Gerli

PhD Researcher, University of Bologna

Our advisory board 

AI is a highly complex technology that intersects with several other fields. Properly navigating  ethical dilemmas in AI requires a broad range of perspectives, and we see diversity as a cornerstone of our AI consulting practice.

That's why we refer our most complex cases to an advisory board composed of experts - academics and practitioners - in the field of AI and beyond. Our board meets on an ad-hoc basis to tackle specific issues in open discussion sessions. 


The goal of the advisory board is to dissect particularly thorny cases within AI ethics and work towards reasonable conclusions. This modus operandi allows the advisory board members to study and learn from real-life examples from the field as well as exchange interdisciplinary knowledge, while our clients get new perspectives from highly trained professionals.

Interested in joining this dynamic team of experts? Get in touch! 

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