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From bright ideas to real solutions. 

We offer full-scale AI implementation strategies and develop tailor-made AI tools to help you optimize your workflow responsibly.   

Our existing solutions

Check out some examples of our previous work - this is not an exhaustive list. 

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Athena is our AI-powered policy tracking system that continuously monitors and analyzes several databases to keep track of changes in AI legislation and identify broader trend shifts in AI policies. Our system identifies what aspects of AI are being debated across several policy levels, giving you more time to consider your options and adapt accordingly. We alert you to any changes, so you'll never be taken by surprise.


How it works

Athena compiles databases and policy news across local, national, and international governance levels and performs automated sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and discursive analysis on each text. It then detects patterns within that data, effectively combining AI with expert knowledge into an early warning system to detect policy trends that will affect your AI systems.


One key asset of the system is that it looks at debates and discussions and sees what legislators and other stakeholders are talking about, what cases - of e.g. AI liability - are being debated, and which aspects of AI ethics are most at risk of facing stricter regulation. Athena can't predict the future, but it can help you be more agile in your AI management without any additional effort.

Why it's important

With AI systems seeing ever-more widespread adoption, legislators across several policy levels are shifting gears. With several regulations coming into force and many more on the horizon, it's becoming crucial for anyone working with AI systems to keep track of legal changes to minimize risks. More and more governments are working on changes to areas that impact AI directly or indirectly, and navigating that ocean of regulations takes a lot of time. Athena helps take that load off your shoulders.


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Mercury is our creative sandbox - a digital environment where you can use AI to generate texts and images in user-friendly and efficient ways. If you need inspiration to work on a project, need a fresh perspective, or find the barrier to starting a project too high, our system can effortlessly jumpstart your creative process. Whether you want to generate poetic associations, start designing a flyer, or need a preliminary slogan and logo for a company, Mercury can get you started and accelerate your creative practice. Our tool is the antidote to a writer's block.


How it works

Mercury aggregates creative AI applications and makes generative AI easy to use. Its text generator is a recurrent neural network with several pre-trained settings - allowing you to generate text that could have been written by, for instance, Shakespeare. You can also enter your own data, such as your own writing, to generate text in your own style. Mercury uses a proprietary interface platform based on Stable Diffusion, a latent diffusion model trained on the image database LAION-5B, implying that Mercury can generate images from text prompts with outright impressive accuracy and detail. It can also generate fully developed images from quick sketches or transform existing images. Mercury comes with an open mode, randomized mode, and easy mode, which asks you specific questions that help you find the right words, settings, and descriptions to generate the exact images you want. If you're out of inspiration, our questions, will help you get going. We also offer seminars to help you work with our system in the most efficient way.

Why it's important

More and more creative professionals have integrated AI into their workflow. However, not many have the technical skills, the theoretical expertise, and the practical experience with creative writing necessary to make optimal use of AI in creative work. The hardest part of creative AI is not getting the AI itself to work, but getting it to work within your process. Our team, with years of practical experience in creative workshops, will guide you in that journey. And Mercury makes everything easier.


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