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​We determine whether an AI system is trustworthy by design and deployed responsibly. 

We offer consulting services to clients using AI systems. Our primary expertise lies in risk assessment auditing: what risks does your AI system pose for your business?


To audit your system, we use a methodology rooted in well-established research - you can read more on our strategy here

We approach AI as an ecosystem - as part of a network of business processes, governance frameworks, and people - and we see audits as a continuous, extended operation, not as a one-and-done solution. 

We also offer continuous consulting services during the AI development process. We help you ensure no ethical risks creep in over the course of your AI system's development - saving you a lot of time in post-production audits. 

Furthermore, NGOs and other organizations looking to make their voices heard in public consultation processes on AI can also contact us for research and writing support. 


Interested? Contact us for a free meeting, and we'll explain exactly how we can help you. 

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Some consultancy firms claim AI solves everything - we don't. AI is not a magical solution to every problem.


Our general seminars will help you discover what AI can do, and what it can do for you. If you're interested in implementing trustworthy AI solutions but are not sure what AI is capable of, this is the right fit for you. We use concrete examples that keep things understandable.

If you’re already using AI or looking to procure an AI solution from a developer, we also offer advanced seminars tailored to your individual needs. Thanks to our multidisciplinary advisory board, we develop our sessions from the perspective of people who actually have hands-on experience in highly specialized fields. We can prepare advanced seminars on request, so feel free to get in touch and see what we can do for you. 


We help you navigate the complex world of AI.

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