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We're, a consulting firm specialized in trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.

What we do

Our philosophy

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Tech with integrity. 

We believe in value-driven technology: tech that puts ethical principles into practice and doesn't use them as empty buzzwords. Responsible AI is a long-term net positive for business growth. 

AI as an ecosystem.

We approach AI as an ecosystem - as embedded into an ever-changing network of business processes, governance frameworks, and people. This also means that audits shouldn't be one-and-done solutions, so we follow up on audits with continuous system and policy monitoring.

Sustainability is key. 

AI laws are changing to eliminate risks, so unethical AI practices are unsustainable in the long run.   Moreover, building awareness of AI's energy consumption is crucial for its long-term success. 

AI for people. 

Starting from the idea that nothing should be "just for profit", we aim to democratize AI. We want to make trustworthy AI available for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals to increase their competitive edge.

Working towards trustworthy, value-driven AI. 

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